One of the best doctors I have ever consulted. The way he diagnose the problem, makes us understand is best. He listens to the patient carefully. Selecting the doctor from practo was a difficult job but yes,now I can hope that I will get well very soon as I have consulted the best doctor. Lucky to get the treatment under the guidance of him. Thank you doctor!
Rahul Jain

Wonderful and Doctor is so nice while explaining the concerned diseases and so he is transparent in dealing. HE is a real expert,efficient,and true professional. The Doctor who is able to motivate the patient means something and patient does need more than this. I WISH THAT HE MAY RISE FURTER IN HIS PROFSSIONAL CAREER AND HE SHOULD OCCUPY AS BEST UROLOGIST OF OUR COUNTRY
Mr OP Verma

Very good clinical knowledge. Keeps himself and the patient updated on all aspects of Urology with current available ” uptodate” knowledge. I loved the part where he explains water consumption. Overall fully satisfied with his care. I would definitely recommend other fellow patients for Urological services
Ravikant Gupta

Dr. Anish took good care of my infant who had UTI. He was available at odd hours on call or msg when I needed to consult him. Great experience
Smera Nayyar

Doctor had been very freindly and very polite and give me enough time to understand my problem . Having very practical knowledge and punctual too. The biggest thing he describe the problem and provides the best available remedy…..Extremely helpful, kind and knowledgeable..Highly recommended
Practo User

From diagnosis to surgery to post surgical management, the journey has been extremely satisfying and can’t thank him enough for helping the family tide over this phase. His ability to explain all the details transparently, answer all the queries patiently and provide a “listening ear”, make him distinctive. Wishing him success as he continues to make a meaningful difference in many more lives.
Mrs Sachdeva

Very Good experience, Dr. Anish is very friendly and explained the problem in detail along with causes remedies and precautions

Very Good Doctor. Listen to your problem patiently and explained the problem in detail. Highly recommended
Navjot Singh

He is good Doctor and very understanding. He makes sure you got all the information about your disease or pain. He listen to you and speak for your help and betterment.
Manish Kirar

The doctor has excellent knowledge and briefed very well about the possibility of pain while passing urine. Appreciated.
Vipin Bhandary

I would highly recommend Dr Anish for the check up.. He really make his patient feel comfortable while explaining about the situation.. There are very rare docs who gives so much time for diagnosing the patient… Otherwise most of the docs think abt the money first.
Tenzin Wosel. Visited For Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Very good experience with the doctor. He has done my Ureteroscopy without any hassle and explains me every step involved in the process
Vaibhav Jain

Doctor Anish is one of the warmest people I have met. He takes time to explain all things. I wish all other doctors were as understanding as him. He took a great effort examining me and talking to me. He listened to me and about my problems and did not offer a diagnosis upfront relying only on investigations. The best part was he did not over investigate me and relied on earlier done investigations. The doctor did not rush through the consultation and made me feel like I have known him for a long time. It was way talking to him. My son felt the same way with him. He has a way with people. Simple approach to management and all options laid out including the ones he did not have on hand to provide himself. Had I known Dr Anish was in my neighborhood earlier. I would not have wasted so many years searching for a diagnosis. He does not behave as all other doctor’s Well informed. Articulate. Precise. Open minded. Excellent human being. I would recommend him to my family and friends a like. Thank you Dr. I will be seeing you soon again
Rohit Singh

Doctor is very good in nature and behaviour. I strongly recommend to all those who have problems related urology and andrology.
Bahuraj Kannal

Chronic illnesses do not require a lot of medication, it just requires a patient hearing and a detailed explanation, both of the same I got from Dr Gupta. Unconventional approach to medicine, yet very effective.
R K Jain